Earworms – A “Hot” Button for you?

You know those songs. The songs you hear and then you can’t get them out of your head until somehow they finally are flushed out. Those songs are called earworms.

One of the biggest songs known for this is the infamous, “It is a Small World” brought to us by the Disney Company. It has been driving people crazy for years. If you are not familiar with it and want to take a chance, here is a video of it for your enjoyment.

I would have thought that children’s songs would be the ones most likely to be earworms but it seems that commercials tend to have tunes that will carry with us. Think about how easy it is to remember songs from commercials like “Chili’s baby back ribs” or “Give me a break” (Kit Kat bars). Each person has their own earworms – there is not a universal number one earworm.

I have problems with Skidamarink. Do you know it?  When my children were small, it was the ending song for a show that they watched frequently.  In case you missed it, here you are (and don’t say I didn’t warn you!) –

In my reading on earworms, (yes, I did “research”) there seems to be no clear cut solution to get that song out of your head. I did find a Wiki site that professes to have ways. I will let you try them the next time you have a song bouncing around and around your head. http://www.wikihow.com/Get-a-Song-Out-of-Your-Head

Going to sleep always works for me but it is not always practical. Also, depending upon how the song got stuck in my head, I may just serenade whoever is with me with the song.  Sometimes the joy in harassing someone with my singing voice will release the song from my mind.

Thanks for reading!

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3 Responses to Earworms – A “Hot” Button for you?

  1. jrwoodward says:

    It’s not surprising that commercial jingle and Disney songs stick in your head. Many Disney songs are written by people who also do commercial jingles. They use the same strategies: strong hooks, short phrases and LOTS of repetition. Oh, yeah, many Disney songs have very simple lyrics, too, like jingles. And when you consider that most of Disney’s film/TV/music work drives the profits from merchandising and theme parks, you could argue that every Disney song is “a commercial jingle.”

  2. Chris says:

    And tan
    And young
    And lovely…

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