Not Feeling Too “Hot”

(This is in response to the BlogHer challenge to write during the month of August on the topic of “hot”.)

It is not all blue skys

It is not all blue sky

Well, this is a “hot” I had not thought about until today. I have been fighting a sinus infection but today, it won.

This sinus infection fooled me for a little while. It really started with my teeth on the left upper side hurting.  This has happened to me before and I did not remember right away that it can be a sign of a sinus infection. The irritation would come and go so I ignored it.  This has gone on for a week or two.

Last night the whole thing came to a head. I was awakened at 11:30 with pain. I got up, used a sinus rinse, took some pain meds, and even got an ice pack and put it on my face. It worked pretty well.  But this morning it came back with a vengeance. I had to go out for work and it was really painful.  It hit me that I could  stop by the CVS Minute Clinic.

So now I have an antibiotic that should start working in 3-4 days. I have the ice pack all set and the sinus rinse won’t be forgotten. I am hoping that it won’t take 3-4 days to calm the situation down.


After all, I have other “hot” things to write about!

Thanks for reading!

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