Hot Breath

(I am following the BlogHer challenge of posting each day in August with the overall topic of “hot”)

It has come to my attention lately that some words do not mean what I thought they meant. This is surprising and vexing for me. (Vexing – to bring distress. I got that right)

There was a post recently by Tyler Vendetti  (10 Words) entitled, 10 Words That You’ve Probably Been Misusing.

The first word discussed was “travesty”.  The use of the word that pops into my mind would be “It was a travesty of justice”. I thought that meant that a miscarriage of justice. I was wrong. It means a mockery of justice.

The word that really surprised me on the list was “peruse”. I thought it meant a light read over, a skimming. No, it means about the opposite. It means to review something carefully.

I was wildly amused to see the word “conversate” on the list. Wondering what it means? It is not a word! I knew that it was, at best, a colloquialism. (A fake word used by people) I had heard a variation of this word from my son when he was in high school. It seems that one of the monitors like to say “Quit your conversating.”  (Sorry, you miss the inflections when you read it. It was something like CON-ver- sa-ting)

So are you wondering what this could have to do with “hot breath”? I can’t exactly tell you why (I would chalk it up to the creative process but that would just make you laugh.) but this morning I looked up “hot breath”. (Stall tactic to keep from writing) I was thinking that it was a romance novel type of phrase. You know –

She felt his hot breath on her neck and it sent a chill down her spine.

Instead, it apparently means bad breath. Really? Who determined that? What are all those romance novelists going to do? Perhaps we need to start a petition.  I would gladly sign on to have the meaning changed.

So off I go in search of a breath mint for my studly romance novel dude.

Not to be picky but the description of this book was “a full length erotic romance novel”. Are some not full length? I can think of other possibilities but this page is rated G for general audiences.

Thanks for reading!

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3 Responses to Hot Breath

  1. dianadomino says:

    Another misused word that is a “hot” button for me is “decimate.” In common usage, it means to wipe out completely. But the word actually means to destroy one in every ten, i.e., the Roman army used the decimation as a punishment for a legion of soldiers that did not perform as they were supposed to. One in every ten was drawn by lot and killed.

    I love words, so this was a really fun post, Carol. ^_^

    • First of all, thanks for another “hot” (this is going to be the longest month ever….) But then – decimate. I would be in the category that would misuse the word. I LOVE the derivation of the word. If one knew Latin (which I don’t) you would know that it would have something to do with 10. I would not have put it together.


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