Since the title of this tab is “About”, you must have clicked on it to find out about me.

Wow, thanks.

I currently write three blogs. The Musings on a Life blog, (where you are now) is my personal blog that will run the gamut of topics. I use this blog to respond to challenges and to write about things on my mind. This blog will have fiction, non-fiction, and poetry entries. I also write a blog named, The 9 Inch Plate. I started that blog to write about my family’s changes after my husband was diagnosed with diabetes. I am also the Foot Blogger Chick at We Care For Your Feet. This blog is strictly non-fiction. I work with a podiatrist to develop topics. I then research and he reviews the posts for accuracy.

Are you wondering some of the standard things like background, education, skills, accomplishments? I grew up in Glen Ellyn, IL, graduated from Glenbard West High School and then graduated from Butler University. After graduation, I was not sure what direction I wanted to take. My parents, feeling like I should do something and something fairly quickly, suggested/pushed me into secretarial school for a year. That was the most practical part of my education. In secretarial school, I learned how to run an office. Then I went to work. I had a job that provided travel and long hours. It was fine. While I was working, I went back to graduate school and completed my MBA.

I am a wife and mother. My husband is the long suffering sort who spends a lot of his time shaking his head and looking at me. (You know, that look of perplexed amazement.)

I am also a property manager. Property management has brought a never ending stream of characters into my life.

If you would like to find me on social media, please stop by and say “hi”.

Twitter -@carolearlycoone

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Facebook – The 9 Inch Plate or Evanston Podiatric Surgeons or Cambridge Professional Mangement

Linked In – Carol Early Cooney


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