The Kindred Spirits Supper Club by Amy E. Reichert

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Dear Fellow Reader,

Last week, I received an offer for some free books. Yes, my TBR pile is sky high and I need to settle in with those books, I just couldn’t pass these others by without taking a few (Okay, does a few go as high at 12?)

These books were not hard reads. They were like cotton candy. They were very easy to read and I read 4 of them in just a few days. The books were all mysteries and they contained some element of the paranormal. Books that do not take any thought to read.

After binging on those, I had a tooth ache. Not really but I just didn’t feel like reading. I had consumed too much fluff.

But then I got the notice from the library that I had a book waiting for me. So, I had to go get it, right? I started it and was sucked in quickly. Once again, this is not War and Peace. It is a better book than the ones I read last week.

The Kindred Spirits Supper Club is the story of Sabrina and Ray. Sabrina is from the Wisconsin Dells. She grew up there and her family has been there for years. Sabrina is reluctantly back home because she is broke and unemployed – again. All she wants to do is get away from WI but she comes home to get a job to work off her school loan debt and credit card debt. Part of the issue is that she has anxiety issues and doesn’t like talking to people. She likes to write, which is why she went into journalism, but it is not working out for her. She takes her nieces and nephew to the water park one day and meets Ray. Ray has recently moved to the Dells, but a branch of his family has been there since the town’s inception. He grew up in New York and worked in the family real estate business but doesn’t like it. He came out to care for his Uncle Harry during his last days and found that he loves the town and loves running the supper club in the town.

Ray is fascinated with Sabrina from the very first but can tell that she is hesitant. After several incidents of them running into each other, they start talking. Sabrina has a family secret that makes her feel that others judge her constantly. She was terrorized in school by the “popular girl” and even years later, the woman still tries to make her life miserable. (and she usually succeeds)

Will Ray understand about her family secret and not run away from her? And can she work out why Ray’s uncle’s ghost is hanging?

It is a light read but enjoyable. At this time of year, it is a great beach read. Not too hard to keep the characters straight and easy to enjoy. Also, if you are a Wisconsin fan, this book is a real Wisconsin book. Down to having the recipe for a Brandy Old Fashioned at the end. (Yes, it is a real thing.)

I read another book by this author, The Optimist’s Guide to Letting Go, but I don’t really remember it. I must have liked it or I don’t know why I would have requested this book. Anyway, if you are on a wait list for The Kindred Spirts Supper Club, then try one of her other books.

Thanks for reading!

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