Murder at Wedgefield Manor by Erica Ruth Neubauer

Dear Fellow Reader,

Summer has certainly hit with a vengeance, hasn’t it? Hot days and then rain and humidity. I must admit that as much as I want to be outside, I am not a fan of humidity. I hate dripping! It gets the pages damp.

I said the wrong thing to Silent Sam last week. I told him that I hoped it would rain on Saturday so that I could stay under a blanket and read all day. Little did I know that that wish would lead to days of rain. I was half-kidding! While reading always sounds good, I did want to work in the yard. I have never done much but I have been working on it more this summer. I am not fully convinced that it looks any better. It’s a process, right?

 I did take time for a nice break to read Murder at Wedgefield Manor, the second in the Jane Wonderly series by Erica Ruth Neubauer. Last May, I reviewed the first book, Murder at the Mena House. In this book, Jane Wonderly is visiting Wedgefield Manor in England with her Aunt Millie before she returns to Boston. In the first book, we found out that strait laced Aunt Millie was the mother of Lillian, whom she bore out of wedlock. It is a not very secret secret. There are undercurrents in the house that come to a head when Aunt Millie makes a comment about how the house staff should not be fraternizing with the family. After angry words were spoken, the young man (a mechanic working for the family) tears off in a car to blow off some steam. This is the young man’s post-war coping mechanism that the family is familiar has witnessed before.

But then word comes back that the young man had an accident, is dead, and that the brake lines in the car had been cut. And then out of the blue, Mr. Redvers arrives at Wedgefield Manor. Jane has her suspicions as to why is he there (Is Aunt Millie up to her old matchmaking tricks?)

While Jane and Mr. Redvers seek to untangle the mystery, we can enjoy the slowly budding romance between the two and learn the backgrounds of all those in the house.

Yet another enjoyable mystery by Erica Ruth Neubauer. It is a good summer mystery. It is not heavy or bloody or greatly suspenseful. Just a nice read. As I mentioned before, this is the second book in the series. There will be at least three in the series. A great deck or beach read!

I am looking forward to the third installment!

Thanks for reading!

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