Bob by Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead


Hello Fellow Reader!

It is summer and time to take it easy and read some lighter fare. This week’s choice is certainly lighter fare. I had heard a lot of buzz about this book and it sounded interesting, so I had to read it. Okay, it is a children’s book. From what I can tell, it is for third to fifth graders. The book is classified by Amazon in the Friendship and the Fantasy sections. (Who knew there was a Friendship section?)

Yes, I read the book even though it is classified as a children’s book. A story is a story. There can be interesting stories of all lengths.

Livy has not been to Australia to visit her Grandmother for five years. At 10, she doesn’t remember a lot about her prior visit. Her Grandmother has some of the things that were precious to her on her last visit out for her when she arrives. She doesn’t remember any of them. There was a baggie with all the black chess pieces, a toy elephant, and a tape recorder. This cache means nothing to Livy. Her Grandmother seems very disappointed the Livy doesn’t remember her visit and the things that she loved when she was 5.

When Livy goes up to her bedroom, she has a surprise waiting for her. When she opens the closet door, besides seeing a tutu, some old clothes, a Lego pirate ship, and a dictionary, there is a small zombie wearing a chicken suit. The zombie (Whose name is Bob.) looks at her and says “You’re back. Took you long enough.”

“Here are some of the things I did while I awaited Livy’s return:

Counted to 987,654, 321. Six times.

Built a Lego pirate ship. Sixty-three times. In the dark

Played chess against a Lego pirate monkey and still lost most of the time.

Tried to do the hokey pokey like Livy had taught me but there’s not much room to turn oneself around.

Cried. But only once.

Okay twice. Each day. But only for the first year.

Thought of all the reasons that might explain why Livy didn’t come back for me.”

The chapters in the book alternate between  Livy and Bob’s perspectives. Livy and Bob each have some pieces of the puzzle as to what Bob is and together they figure it out. It is a very sweet little book about old friends reuniting and finding their friendship is still strong. (Even If one doesn’t remember the other too well.) (But there is a reason for that and they find that out too.)

Okay, so I am recommending a Children’s book this week. I usually give away books after I read them, but this is one that I will keep. I look forward to sharing it with my grandson.

Thanks for reading!

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