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Do you ever feel that you are just late to the party? That is the way I feel about Miss Fischer.

I was sifting through Netflix one night and saw a show called Miss Fischer’s Murder Mysteries. I had never heard of it but something caught my eye and I decided to look.

The show, Miss Fischer’s Murder Mysteries, takes place in Australia between the two World Wars. The lead character, Phryne Fischer is a wealthy socialite with a selective conscience.  She cares about the underdog and justice.  She is beautiful and wears gorgeous clothes.  Some might be offended by her sexual freedom.  (This is to say that there is the implication that she has sex not the visuals.)

I found the shows engrossing and could not wait to see the next one.  There is indeed a season two (but not on streaming Netflix yet) and a season three (which is airing now in Australia).

Miss Fisher may have a love interest

Miss Fisher may have a love interest


Then I discovered that the show was based on books.  YIPEE!


There is a series of 20 Miss Fischer books  by Kerry Greenwood.  I have read the first book, Cocaine Blues.  The first episode of the show has some similarities  to show but it is not completely faithful.  It does introduce most of the same characters but in a different way.

In the first book, Miss Fischer takes on an abortionist and a cocaine dealer.  Along the way, she collects a staff who adjust to her ways and she meets interesting characters (thieves and descendants from royal Russia to name a few.)

I liked both the book and the show.  They are not a challenge and indeed most of the time the show is not an “edge of your seat what will happen next” mystery.  They are enjoyable.  I think as the show progresses, the plots have more tension.  They are interesting and the costumes lovely.

Cocaine Blues: Phryne Fisher #1 (Phryne Fisher Mysteries) is available as a Kindle read for 99 cents.

If you don’t have Netflix and would like to buy the DVD set of the first season, here is a link
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries 1.

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