Stress Reading – What? It is a thing…

The greatest weapon against stress is (4)

Do you read when you are stressed out? I know, you more often hear about stress eating but I think there is also stress reading.  I am capable of both.

So, what is the difference between reading and stress reading? In my case, the type of the book. I will admit that I tend to read, not to slight the authors, books that are not exactly classics.   I will look through my list of TBR (to be read) books and pick out the ones that seem the simplest to read that might be entertaining. When stressed about something, I don’t’ want to spend time trying to figure anything out. I just want entertainment.

Some might binge on a TV marathon. I will binge on reading.

Yes, I will emotionally eat when stressed also. At least with a book in my hand it is hard (but certainly not impossible) to do.

The short answer is that I have several books to share with you. You just need to be prepared that I was not reading these to better my mind. I was reading them to escape for a little bit into light entertainment.


Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes (Rose Gardner Mystery Book 1) by Denise Grover Swank

Synopsis – Rose Garner works at the DMV in Henryetta, Arkansas. She also has visions of the future. The visions have been the curse of her life and have made her friendless. As the story opens, she is at work and a man walks up and hands over his papers to renew his license plates. As she was about to tell him that there was a problem with his renewal, she has a vision. The vision is that man is going to kill her.  She faints.

This begins the story of Rose and the unraveling and re-raveling of her life over the next few weeks.  Rose decides to change her mousey existence and stand up for herself. Along the way, she changes her attitude, wardrobe, and life.  She is not murdered but others around her are and she has to find out who did it before she ends up in jail.

Opinion – The book is quick reading and light.  This is part of a series of 5 (soon to be 6) stories about Rose.



The Christmas Sisters (the Christmas Sisters for All Seasons Book 1)  by Annie Jones

Synopsis – Sam Moss returns to his hometown with two things on his mind.  The first is that despite his background, he has become the new town preacher and he doesn’t know if the townspeople will accept him. The other thing on his mind is the girl he left behind.  Nicolette and her two sisters still own the house in town that they grew up in but they only come back for Christmas.  Nicolette has decided that the house must be sold so that she can provide for her daughter’s needs. When they all go back for Christmas, they find the new preacher has rented a room in their house and they are not all glad to see him there.

Opinion – It is a quick read in the Christian fiction genre. There do not seem to be any other books in the series at the current time.

Small Blessings

Small Blessings by Martha Woodruf  –

Synopsis – Tom Putnum is a college professor.  He is known as a nice guy on the college campus where he teaches. Tom’s wife, Marjory, is ill equipped for the world. She has had mental health issues since her youth. Tom’s mother in law tried to get him to see that he should not marry Marjory but he did not listen.  It is now over 20 years later and Tom, Marjory, and the mother in law all live together. The mother in law helps to take care of Marjory.

Rose Callahan is the college book store/coffee shop’s new employee. She comes from an unconventional background and enjoys moving to new places.  Marjory is instantly attracted to Rose and invites her to dinner. This is amazing to all since Marjory has not invited anyone to the house in many years.  Tom is also fascinated with Rose and wonders what will happen at to the dinner.

This is the start of a story that leads us through death, awakening, love, peril and hope.

Opinion – This book is a level or two above the other two books listed. There is a lot packed into the book but it reads well. You do wonder if it will work out well for the characters. They are imperfect which makes them seem more real.

IMG_2483 (2)IMG_2483 (2)





Thanks for reading!


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