A Little Science

(Today is August 17 which means that the August BlogHer challenge to post 31 days on the topic of “hot” is slowly progressing.)

Today’s “hot” post is a bit of a quick but fascinating scientific information.  (Bet you didn’t expect that!)


Wow! Look it is a hand!

Did you know that sometimes you can  touch something extremely hot and yet it will seem cold for a quick second?  If you are into pain, you can test this out.  If you are, however, a reasonable person, you will just believe what I am going to tell you.  

Your hands have sensory receptors in them.  These receptors are specialized.  There are receptors that just feel hot and others that just feel cold.  When a receptor is stimulated, it sends a message to the brain.  It seems that the cold receptors and the hot receptors closely packed in small groups throughout your hands.    

So let’s say that you accidentally touch a hot stove.  The closely packed receptors are very stimulated by the heat.  Sometimes, they are so stimulated that they send the wrong information to the brain.  The correction of the sensation can take anywhere from a split second to a few seconds.  

So now you know something new.


Kirby is fascinated by today’s tidbit.

Thanks for reading.

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3 Responses to A Little Science

  1. Veronica Roth says:

    I did notice that! Not that I ever deliberately touch hot things…lol Love Kirby; if I were there I’d so mush him and tell him he’s a beautiful boy! 🙂

    • Kirby would love for you to tell him that. I seem to spend a lot of time telling him to move. That spot where he has decided to sleep is outside my office but in front of the bathroom and the dining room. I end up doing great “step over” moves to get around him.

  2. That’s a neat factoid, Carol. I’ll take your word for it, though!

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