Hot Flash

I think it is time. Time for the term “hot flash” to go away. That is right. I want to start a new nationwide movement to remove the term” hot flash” from our lexicon.

I think we should replace the term hot flash with the more appealing term –


I think that it sounds so much better to think that you are having a power surge than a hot flash. We should think of it as being a process of moving to a more powerful place in one’s life. The woman having a power surge is becoming stronger and more aware of  her vitality and her ability to make a difference. She is no longer raising her children; she is now ready to be herself. It is a time of great freedom and a time to demonstrate all she has learned over the years. 

Yes, it is a portend of times to come. It is a time of greatness. I think that power surge is a better reflection of the situation. Really! Calling it a hot flash indicates that it is something that will go away. I think that power surge indicates that a woman’s power is moving forward – budding if you will – and that soon the surging will stop and the power will be fully in place.

Sometimes it is all in how you look at it.

IMG_1273 (2)

Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to Hot Flash

  1. I SO love this!! I definitely like your new term! **ahem** Especially since I’m starting to experience them more often.

  2. Letitia Suk says:

    The best re-framing I have ever heard!

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