Hot Tamales

Yes, today we move on to Hot Tamales, the candy you can’t stop eating. Okay, I can’t stop eating. There is something about the cinnamon flavor that is left in your mouth after you eat some of them that just begs for you to keep on eating.

Please notice that for that reason, I did not go to the store and buy some so that I could use my own pictures. I would then have to eat them and I don’t really need to eat a box of Hot Tamales. (Or a whole bag of Hot Tamales in case the box was not available)

Apparently I am not the only person in the world that can’t stop eating them once I start. If you search “can’t stop eating hot tamales” there were 138,000 results from Google.  It is so nice to know that I am not alone.

Hot Tamales are made by a family owned candy company by the name of Just Born located in Bethlehem, PA. The company was stared in 1923 by entrepreneur, Sam Born. Not to my surprise, they also make Mike and Ike candy. Mike and Ikes are just like Hot Tamales except they are fruit flavored. (I can stop eating Mike and Ike candy.)

But (are you ready for it?) Just Born also make PEEPS! I had no idea that the company that makes the ever so famous Peeps also makes Hot Tamales.  I am not a fan of the famous and well-loved Peeps candy. People love and buy lots of Peeps which is great. I find it to be wonderful when there is candy that I won’t eat. It is refreshing and something I wish would happened more often.

Let’s go back to Hot Tamales. There is more to the Hot Tamale line then I could have guessed. I have only seen the one kind on the store shelves. That could be because I try to avoid the candy aisle shelves in stores. (Sometimes the shelves call out my name though…) I see that one can get varying degrees of “hotness” in the Hot Tamale line and there is Hot Tamale gum. There also seems to be (Are you ready for this one?) Hot Tamale cotton candy.  Oh the cinnamonny, sugary possibilities.

Not to be out done by anyone on the planet, Hot Tamales has a web site. (Hot Tamale)  On the web site, you can purchase gift pails of Hot Tamales (Tropical Heat, Original, 3 Alarm Hotter, and 3 Alarm Hottest) or Hot Tamale shirts, candles, ladies “smoking” pull on pants,  water bottles, key chains, and lots more items. And in case you are going to have a crowd over that you want to have a special treat available, you can buy a 1.5 lb. box of Hot Tamales.

I am sure that you guessed that this was coming.  There is a Hot Tamale YouTube. You can check it out and move to the catchy tune. (No, it is not a catchy tune.)

Now I am going to go drink a lot of water.  I have that Hot Tamale taste in my mouth just from thinking about it.

Oh those little red pieces of sugary goodness!

Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to Hot Tamales

  1. Kirra Antrobus says:

    Yummm. I miss hot tamales. Haven’t had them since before I got my braces on. I like mike and Ike’s too, but hot tamales are best!

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