Hot Wheels – Little Did I Know…

(This is the third day of August and my third post for the BlogHer Challenge.  The topic for the month is “Hot”)


The Shelby Mustang in it’s parking space (which happens to be under my monitor)

So, what do you know about Hot Wheels? As with many things I don’t really pay much attention to, it seems that there is more than I would have ever guessed.

I would have said that they are little cars for kids and that I have bought many in my life. I have no idea where the cars are now but there was once a little boy who liked them in my house. (He grew up and wanted big cars.) To be honest, I loved the ones that were transformers. I like to have things to do with my hands while I am thinking or talking and those were great for manipulating.

I brought this subject up to my husband last night. I told him that there was a whole world of Hot Wheels – much more than I would have guessed. I spouted that there used to be Matchbox cars (owned by Tyco) and Hot Wheel cars (owned by Mattel) but that years ago Mattel bought Matchbox and now one company controlled both. Much to my surprise, he started talking about the difference in the two types of cars when he was growing up.

Okay, my eyes almost glazed over.

I really could care less about toy cars. But I did listen to him. After all, I brought it up. If I have this right, the difference was that Matchbox cars were regular cars and Hot Wheels were fancy imaginary cars or sports cars. He also told me that someone had actually driven a real car through one of those loop tracks that Hot Wheels sells for their toys. (  We then had a discussion about the driver who did the first test drive on that track.  We wondered what when through his mind while taking on that assignment.

For those of you like me, who have not paid any attention to toy cars, let me tell you that there is a Hot Wheels web site. (Of course there is one!) Heck, there is a Hot Wheels CHANNEL on You Tube! Really, these people are pretty serious about selling these little cars. Of course it is not just the little cars. (Can’t you see the marketing guy for Mattel pulling out his hair yelling – “They are not little cars!) (Sorry buddy, they are little cars) If you search for “Hot Wheels” on Amazon, there are 56,621 results!  There are lots of little cars, then bigger little cars and then bigger cars, carrying cases, tracks, play mats, play sets, party favors and more. There were items that I had to read the description to try and figure out what the heck they were.  (See this item –

Obviously this is yet another trend that I missed. And I am not sure that I am sorry. While I will agree with anyone that one of the most painful experiences in life is stepping on a Barbie shoe, I think that Hot Wheels are a close second.  I don’t miss having them all over the floor.

As a moment of confession, I will admit that I bought a miniature Shelby mustang car to give to a friend. I never gave it to him. You see the doors open and close and it is just perfect to play with then I am thinking. (Yea, I am sticking with “thinking” instead of using “stuck”, “spaced out”, or “stunned”) In full disclosure, it is not a Hot Wheel.  It is just a little car…

Thanks for reading!

Doors closed

Doors closed


Doors open  (Repeat many times)

Doors open
(Repeat many times)




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