What is on your shoulder?

One of my writer friends, Bolton Carley, wrote a post yesterday about purses.  You can check it out http://boltoncarley.wordpress.com/.

Oddly enough, I have some thoughts about purses. I could have shared them in the comments section of Bolton’s blog but I thought they might be a bit long for that spot.

First of all, I am ASTOUNDED by the purses that are recommended by Oprah. This has gone on for years. Does she really think that most women spend $1,500 – $2,500 for a purse?  Do they? Do you?  I actually love to point these purses out to my husband. It makes my purse spending look so good. (I could go on a huge rant about the prices of the things on the “O” list each month. Really, am I cheap or just poor that I can’t comprehend buying that stuff – even though some of it looks pretty good.) If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out the “great buys of the week” here http://www.oprah.com/gift/Cropped-Jacket?editors_pick_id=31508.

For the first time ever, I spent over $100 for a purse last year. I seem to have a soft spot for Fossil vintage series purses.Most of the time, I hit up TJ Maxx or Marshalls to see what they have to offer.  This strategy is not working as well anymore.  They now have purses that are much more expensive – a lot of them are in the over $100 range.

Since I do not spend a lot of money on my purses, two things tend to happen. First, I have a hard time finding a new purse.  Since I really do not like to shop, this is not good.  And this is how I ended up spending more than the usual amount last year. The second thing is that I don’t keep my purses forever. Usually they are good for one season and then I move on.  I do not change purses during the season.  I am a one and done purse person.

The size of the purse seems to change over time.  Sometimes I go for the small purse and just jam (and I mean jam) things in there. This summer, I have gone for the large approach.Yes, I think that this summer’s bag might have been billed as a beach tote. I just seem to carry more than I used to and having a bag that I can throw a lot of stuff into is helpful.


I have also found over time that I like colored items in my purse so that they are easier to find.  For example, I have a pink and orange cell phone cover, a red wallet, and a green, white, and black print business card holder.  I can find these things when I need to .  I also took a freeby makeup bag and put pens and lip gloss into it so I can find them when I need them.  Oh, there is also a pen light in there – doesn’t everyone need that?  Easily some of the items in my purse are because of work (pen light, business cards, notebook, camera) and may not be in everyone’s purse.  (or murse as it may be called)


Lots of color in there, right? Can you spot the nook, the notebook, the phone, the makeup bag full of pens or the iPad?

I do have a case for my phone that I can keep my driver’s licence, some cash and a credit card so that if I am just going to the gym or someplace quick, I will just take that.


So how much do you keep in your purse?  How much do you spend when you buy a new purse?  Do you change purses with your outfits?  Let me know – maybe I am just behind the times with the prices of purses.

AND I HAD MY FIRST WIN!- If you have been following this blog, you know that I started entering sweepstakes.  Okay, this is not exactly the same but I bought a book from a fellow writer and won his birthday pull for a surprise gift.  Yippee!  Who knows what I will win next?

I also was given a tip this weekend.  I don’t always look but it seems on the bottom on store receipts, there maybe a web site to go to and answer some questions to win a prize.  Walgreen’s seems to do this along with Panera and Dominicks.  You could be a winner, too!

Have Fun!

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2 Responses to What is on your shoulder?

  1. Heather says:

    i have been looking for a wallet forever because of my ginormous phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2) and most are only sized for iphones. My best friend got me a Klutch for my birthday, which is really a wallet big enough for my phone. Now, I can just take that and my phone, or throw it into whatever bag. Those have gotten smaller because I used to carry a sketch pad, but now with the ginormous phone, I don’t need to! My site bag, however, still remains large because I have to carry a camera, pens, clipboard, roll of drawings, tape measure and laser measure, and other implements for site visits. Looking forward to finding a really great site bag now!

  2. I think the “budget spends” recommended by magazines are always over my limit. For some reason, though, I do have a lot of purses. People just give them to me, so I have a bin of bags to choose from. I usually stick to my one all-purpose purse, though, unless I’m going out for the night and then I might choose something smaller (I think that’s more for convenience, though).

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