Shopping at Target or How I Spent Our Retirement Fund


I went to Target this morning.  If you are like most people I have talked to, that sentence stirs a feeling of dread.  Dread, you ask?  Yes, because most people I have talked to have the same experienced that I have every time I go to Target.  

I go in for 4 items and walk out with 10.  

It happened again today.  I went in to get some allergy medicine, some allergy eye drops, (sense a trend?), some vitamins, and some clarifying shampoo.  If I had stuck to my guns, this trip would have cost maybe $30.

Instead, I spent $66 and that was after I saved  5% by using a Target charge card.  I had resisted the charge card until my last visit when I decided that if I was spending that much money, I ought to save something.  

I didn’t even get the clarifying shampoo.  

So, how did they get me to spend the extra money?  Part of me is bewildered because I can’t believe it is their spectacular marketing. I will admit that I was a little down in the dumps this morning and I decided that I could get a small treat.  

Are you thinking something wonderful and fun?  Guess again.  Perhaps as an indication of my state of mind, I bought some decorated file folders.


You read that correctly.  I bought some decorated file folders as a treat.  As I write this, I know that I sound really pitiful.  


Since the file folders were less than $5, what else made up my shopping extravaganza?  I picked up two rolls of shipping tape (I use that for work and did almost need it), two antiperspirants (your welcome, friends and neighbors), a package of pens, a package of razors, and 2 packages of 3 flags to put in the flower pots in the front of the house.  

And the one item that I consider the score of the morning.  (Since the flags were $1 per package this better be good) I found a copy of the movie The Princess Bride for $4.75.   The online book group I belong to is reading the book and then we are going to watch the film together. (Hey, it is twitter and we can tweet through the movie.  This also sounds sort of pitiful but since the members live across the U.S. this is how we communicate.) It seems that I am the only one who has not seen the movie.  This movie obviously has a fan club as the members are quoting it insistently.  I finally gave up and said that I would watch the movie before I finished the book.  (If you would like to join us, we meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 9 p.m. Eastern time on Twitter.  The name of the chat is #wschat)  

See, I didn’t buy anything that stupendous or even interesting.  But still the geniuses at Target got more money from me than I meant to give them.  I feel frustrated that they win every time.  

But I did get some cute file folders.

About Carol Early Cooney

I love to read. I love to share my thoughts on books and hope to hear what you think also. Looking to see what books I read beyond those I write about? Check out my Goodreads!
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16 Responses to Shopping at Target or How I Spent Our Retirement Fund

  1. hcfbutton says:

    Love the file folders. Too bad about the extra expenditures. Princess Bride is definitely a good buy.

  2. boltoncarley says:

    target is definitely my nemesis! i completely feel your pain. i think it’s the bright lights and flashy colors – like the circus. 🙂

  3. Gail Kushner says:

    Oh Carol, I do that all the time! And, it’s not just Target. It’s every grocery store too. All I need is dinner, yet I find irresistible bargains. BTW, I love the file folders. Don’t hide their “cuteness” in a file cabinet. Be creative. Placemats, anyone?

  4. Letitia Suk says:

    I love cute file folders too and would have not been able to resist!

  5. Target beats me every time, too. Today, I couldn’t resist getting some lovely thank you cards from the store. (Love The Princess Bride movie! I think I like it better than the book.)

    • Jennifer, So far the book is not really impressive but it might be all the introductions! The movie must be great from all the devoted followers. I looked at the thank you notes also. There were some cute ones but I had the folders…

  6. Thank goodness Target is an excruciatingly inconceivable long drive from home and if I were to casually make the trip I’d be mostly dead by the time I got back. Call Miracle Max for me, will ya?

  7. Ummm . . . hey, I’m with you. Those folders are sexy. I can see why you bought them! Have fun watching the movie!!!

  8. Barb Slager says:

    This article was hilarious! You are right, everyone does the same thing. It is especially annoying at Cost-Co. I don’t need to buy in bulk; I live alone, but I can’t help myself.
    I really liked your story about your son’s graduation. He sounds like a great kid!

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