Take the Honey and Run by Jennie Marts

Dear Fellow Reader,

I am writing this review after just being on vacation. I have probably said this before but I view vacations as major reading times. Some might think that having read a lot of books in a week’s vacation would mean that it wasn’t a very good vacation. I beg to differ. If I didn’t read much, then I would think that the books weren’t very good or somehow, I was interrupted. In my world, the more books the better. I didn’t expect to get as much reading done this trip because my two grandsons would be with us (along with their parents) and I thought that would cut back on my time. Apparently, I was wrong. I finished 9 books in 8 days. Obviously, some of them were not very long. Some of them were not very good either. I think I walked away not liking more than I liked. We did all get sick by the end of the trip so that feeling may have had something to do with my feelings about the books.

Take the Honey and Run was the one book that I read on the trip that was given to me for my unbiased review. It is a cozy mystery about a fictional town in Colorado. Bailey Biggs is coming home with her young daughter to see her grandmother, Blossom Briggs. Blossom (AKA Granny Bee) is all about honey. She has a ranch, Honeybuzz Mountain Ranch. She raises bees for their honey and sells it in various forms.

Bailey is late getting to Granny Bee’s for tea. This is a cardinal sin in Granny Bee’s eyes, so Baily is trying hard to get there as fast as possible. When she is getting close and gets stuck behind a slow-moving tractor, she tries to pass it and ends up in a ditch. The tractor driver comes to her rescue, and it is none other than her high school love, Sawyer Dunn. She had no idea he was back in town. It seems that they had an adventure near the end of high school that, as far as she knew, ended up with him having to leave town and live with his aunt and uncle. Flash forward to 12 years later and she still finds him very appealing, but she certainly isn’t going to let him know. ANYWAY… he takes her to Granny Bee’s house. As they arrive, Granny is out on her front porch shooing off Werner Humble, the town’s founder. Not only was she yelling at him, but he looked like he had had his face slapped. Then they all heard Granny Bee say “Werner Humble, you need to get the hell off my property! You set foot on my land again and I swear on my bees, I will kill you.”

Of course, Bailey and Sawyer find Werner dead the next day. Werner was highly allergic to honey and he was smeared with Granny Bee’s honey. The second surprise for Bailey is that she then finds out that Sawyer is the sheriff. All signs point to Granny Bee being the killer so Bailey, who writes mysteries for a living feels she needs to investigate and find the killer.

The book is the first in a series. I do not know how many are planned for the series. Would I read the next book? Not sure. The book was okay but even though cozy mysteries are by their nature pretty light reading, this one seemed a bit too light. It just didn’t do that much for me. But, if you are a cozy mystery reader, I think you need to decide for yourself. You might like it more than I did. There was nothing wrong with it but somehow it just didn’t do that much for me on the day I read it.

Thanks for reading!


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