The Gin Sisters’ Promise by Faith Hogan

Dear Fellow Reader,

Do you ever have those times when you drift away from reading? It doesn’t happen to me often but sometimes I get busy doing other things and neglect my reading. This is not good when I have two book groups to say nothing of the reading I do for reviews.

I decided that it is time to take some of the guilt for not reading that stack of TBR books that reside in the living room. That stack that I have promised to read for the last TWO YEARS. I have, in the past, gone through the stack and removed one or two books that I didn’t think I really wanted to read. Well, I went through the other day knowing that I can give the books to the local library. The library can use them either to raise funds in the used book sale or by replacing worn copies from the shelves. The library can benefit from the light feeling I get from not having to look at those books. With that thought, it was easier to be truthful about whether I was really going to read them. Besides, I can always take them out of the library if I change my mind.

Sometimes when a book sits around for a while, I feel it gets stale. My interest in reading a book seems to diminish the longer I put off reading it. Do you find that to be the case?

Today, we are going to talk about The Gin Sisters’ Promise by Faith Hogan. This book is a new release – it just came out last week. When I started this book, I knew I was behind and needed to really get in gear reading. The pressure was on. The book opens with the three sisters at the time of their mother’s funeral. Georgie, Iris, and Nora are lost but Nora was so young that the sisters promise to stay together and support each other. And then they grew up. They hurt each other and turned away from their home and each other. Georgie went to work in the advertising industry and became successful in some ways. Iris is the only sister who married but her marriage had caused her separation from the family. It seems that they did not see her husband as being as perfect as she did. And Nora was an actress.

But it seems that their real lives were not what the sisters saw in each other’s lives. Georgie was up for a big promotion that she knew she should get but didn’t. It went so badly that she was out of a job. Iris’s husband left her for another woman – a pregnant woman. And Nora’s agent quit the business and told her that she needed to move on. That there were no other acting jobs for her.

It is with each of the sisters at a crossroads that their father dies. They all go home for the funeral feeling bad that they had not treated their father as they should have. And they all dread facing each other.

With the reading of the will, a change in their lives will start.

I will admit that I was tempted not to read the book as I thought that I could guess what would happen. But once I started reading, I was sucked into the story. The pages flew by. It was not exactly what I would have guessed, and I am still partially surprised by the ending.

I think that this is a good summer read. You can enjoy the evolution of the girls and their life back in the small town of Ireland where they came from.

I just looked and Amazon has the Kindle version on sale right now. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!


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