The Nantucket Beachfront Inn by Ainsley Keaton

I wish I was on a beach reading!

Dear Fellow Reader,

It is only mid-January, and I am ready for winter to LEAVE. I am just over it. There is something about the cold and the dark days that are bothering me this year. Okay, let’s be honest, it bothers me almost every year. I suppose with Covid, it is just worse. I want to be back in the yard. Back digging up the garden.

But there is something to be said for burrowing under a blanket and reading. The whole world spins without me and I am lost in a book. Which brings me to tell you about the book I read over the weekend. It is a book that was given to me in exchange for an unbiased review.

The Nantucket Beachfront Inn is an easy quick read. The story moves along well and the characters are engaging. Are you waiting for a “BUT”? Yes, there are one or two. Overall, though, it was quick and fine. There were plenty of characters to keep you busy.

The story introduces us to Ava Flynn. As the story opens, Ava has had it with her job. She is a successful attorney with a firm that defends million and billionaire tax cheats. She has been in this position for 23 years and has done well. Unfortunately, her last husband cleaned out their accounts on his way out of town and hasn’t been seen for a while. Her first husband died in a car crash when she was 8 months pregnant with triplets. She works endless hours and has a large mortgage on a condo in New York City. She sleeps in her office most of the time. But on the night the book opens, she has just had it. She tells the demanding billionaire in front of her what she thinks of his efforts to avoid paying taxes. That is the end of her job. While she tries to find a new position, the combination of her age and her high salary are not leading to any offers.

She then receives a call from an attorney asking her to come to his office because she has received an inheritance. The inheritance comes with some strings that she will have to work her way through with her two close girlfriends and her children.

As far as the plot goes, it is good. Here are my problems with this book. First off, the author did a lot of research for things that happen in the book and goes into WAY too much detail. (One of the characters suddenly develops bacterial meningitis and the medical description goes way beyond what the audience needs). Also, there are at least two places where the same explanation is given twice within a few pages. And I think that at one spot one of the characters is referred to by the wrong name.

BUT probably my biggest complaint is the end. It is like she was only allowed so many words and so she must throw three huge curveballs in the last three pages. I was reading an eBook version of the book and I could not believe the story was over. It seems there are more books to come in the series and she had to get you set up to want to read the next books. It was just irritating.

Am I sorry I read it? No. I think if you know going into it that there may be some redundancy and a few little things that should have been cleaned up in editing, that you will be fine. It is a beach read. There is nothing here to change your life. It will give you some enjoyable reading time.

Thanks for reading!

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