The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

Dear Fellow Reader,

We have another winner. Okay, I think that The Midnight Library is a little better than this book but once again, it is a good story that you will enjoy.

It was fun to read these books back-to-back. In a way, it reminded me why I love to read. You know, you can read books that are just okay. I think I have had a streak of okay books. They were good stories and I liked them but then you read a book or a couple of books that just make you say “WOW!”  It is really fun to get two in a row. I actually read this book under the covers with a flashlight so as to not bother Silent Sam. (Okay, I understand that is a bit weird but so?)

The Thursday Murder Club is a mystery. I would even venture to say that it is a mystery that even those who aren’t that crazy about mysteries will enjoy. There is a rich cast of characters and each one has a story that is interesting and amusing to a certain extent. I’m not saying that there are any laugh out loud moments but I was in a good mood reading this book. The author (first book, no less) has a great touch with the characters.

The Thursday Murder Club takes place in rural England. The Club was started with Penny, Elizabeth, Ibrahim, and Ron. Penny had been a policewoman and had kept her “open case” files. They group met on Thursdays and went over the files to see if they could solve the cases. Before the book opens, Penny has had to leave the group because she is so sick. Joyce has taken her place in the group and Joyce keeps a diary of their adventures. The book moves back and forth between Joyce’s diary and a narrator. (Easy transitions – you will always know who is talking. The typeface is even different when it is Joyce’s diary entry.) Elizabeth is the leader of the group. You never find out exactly what Elizabeth did before she retired but there is a hint that she was a spy or something. She knows a lot of people, some of whom owe her favors and she has traveled a lot. Each of the four have their own area of expertise from their pre-retirement lives.

Then there is a real murder. They decide they can help the police with their inquiries. And while they are working the on the first murder, there is a second murder that takes place in front of them. And then they know there must be something hidden in the cemetery but what is it and who put it there. And were the two murders related or was it just a coincidence?

There is nothing gory in this book. It is a bit of a cozy mystery in that sense but I would not say that it is a cozy mystery. There is just so much going on all the time that you are entertained throughout the book. I would move this book up the TBR pile also.


Thanks for reading!

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