The Summer of Lost and Found by Mary Alice Monroe

Dear Fellow Reader,

Summer is coming and it is time to get ready with a beach read. I do not consider the term beach read a derogatory term. I love a good beach read.

And I do have a love for the Rutledge Family that make up the Beach House Series by Mary Alice Monroe. I was so glad to see that there is a new book. We are now learning about the third generation of the family that has been a South Carolina family for generations. Linnea Rutledge was a vital part of the last book and is the star of this book.

In The Summer of Lost and Found, we find Linnea arriving home from the job she loves totally dejected. COVID has hit and she has been laid off work. She and her friend Annabelle are both without work and money. Linnea calls her Aunt and Landlord Cara right way to tell her that she isn’t in a position to keep up with the rent. Cara gives Linnea a few ideas for work but also tells her that they will work it out. But then she drops what Linnea feels is a bomb. John Peterson is back next door to Linnea. The man that she thought she loved, the man she moved to California to be with, the man that broke her heart is next door? She hopes that he is leaving soon because her long-distance love, Gordon will be back from England soon. It feels strange to have the two of them so close.

And then David gets COVID, and Linnea has to really pitch in to help with Hope. They are all afraid for the little girl after her illness. Keeping her safe is a big concern.

The book takes us through their summer of COVID. To keep all of them safe, they form a pod in the neighborhood and do everything they can to stay safe. Linnea will learn to be able to do what is right for her and new love is found. It is everything you want from a beach read. The story moves along at a good pace and you learn more about familiar characters.

While you might wonder if it is a little soon to be reading about COVID, I don’t really think it is in this story. While it had an influence on the story, it wasn’t a main character. It was more of a vehicle for the story than a lead.

I enjoyed the book. I was happy with the character development and didn’t feel that anything was out of place. The characters continue to grow and expand. Linnea is growing up and learning what she wants and doesn’t want. I’m sure a little sand in between the pages won’t hurt the book at all.

Thanks for reading.

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