Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries by Angie Fox


Dear Fellow Readers,

Yes, I have plenty of books to read that are best sellers or classics or perhaps just have bigger words in them.


I occasionally need a palette cleanser.  I have no problem admitting it.  I do like cozy mysteries and will sometimes read a cozy that might have a theme that is totally unrealistic.  That is fine. I know that I am just resting my brain with these books.  And I like them for that reason.  Sometimes there is a pandemic and you get tired of reading that pile of books that you should read, and you need to read and let the story slide over you. These books are not to be mistaken for high literature. They will not be taught in school.  But they fulfill that break that you may be needing from your normal fare.

5186UWh9VoLOne of my series of choice currently is The Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries by Angie Fox.  As of right now, there are 13 books in the series.  They tell the story of Verity Long who lives in Sugarland, TN. Verity lives in the house that her Grandmother owned. The house is fairly empty because when she canceled her wedding (The groom tried to kiss her sister.) the groom’s mother sued her for every penny she had, which meant selling almost all her possessions.  The groom’s mother was also high society in Sugarland, and she made sure that Verity’s graphic design business was sunk before it got started.  Verity lives in the house with her pet skunk.  (yes, you read that right.) In going through the mostly empty house. She finds what she thinks is a dirty vase.  She cleans out all the debris in the bottom of the vase and dumps it in the rose bush outside her back door.

Of course, it wasn’t a dirty vase. It was a container of cremains for a gangster, Frankie.  It seems that since she dumped his ashes in the rose bush that he is now stuck at her house unless she takes his “vase” with her.  She also learns that he can transfer some power to her so that she can see things on the ghostly plane.

Okay, okay, it isn’t the latest Ann Patchett.  But the books are light and easy to read.  They give you a break from heavier reading and more than that, they give you a break from the monotony and depression surrounding the pandemic.  They are popcorn.  A good snack between meals.

Much to my surprise, you may be able to find some of them at your local library.  If you are looking for a break, I would suggest you try these stories.

Thanks for reading.

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