Head Over Heels by Hannah Orenstein

Dear Fellow Readers,

It is a cold summer day in the Midwest. Or it is cold because I left windows open Friday night (outside temperature about 44 degrees) and the house hasn’t warmed up yet. I certainly couldn’t turn on the heat. It is June; there isn’t heat in June.

It is June 15 and I am sitting here in a sweater.

Head Over Heels | Book by Hannah Orenstein | Official Publisher ...

Head Over Heels is Chick Lit. I would sugar coat this more but why? There is nothing wrong with Chick Lit. As long you are reading, then I have no problem with what you are reading. Yes, I have my own tastes but I want to foster reading, so I try not to bash different genres. We all have our own tastes.

Head Over Heels is a story about Avery Abrams. Avery spent her youth pursuing the Olympic dream in gymnastics. At the Nationals, the step before she would head off to the Olympics, she suffers a career ending injury. While it repaired, Avery’s change from being a celebrated gymnast to being a young woman without focus has been a hard transition. She has spent 7 years not really knowing what she wants to do. She has a long-term relationship with a professional football player that has ended as the book starts. She has moved home not knowing what to do next.

And then she receives a call that she doesn’t know that she wants to answer. Ryan Nicholson calls her. She knew who he was from her gymnastic days. He is training an Olympic hopeful who is really good but needs some help that he thinks Avery can give her. Avery is far from convinced that she is the one to help anyone. She isn’t sure she wants to see Ryan. She had a crush on him back in the day and he has gone on to compete at the Olympics and beyond. How can she possibly help?

After seeing her ex on TMZ and seeing that he has moved on, she decides that she needs to also. She has a disastrous date and then in a moment of panic, she calls Ryan and decides to meet with him.

Does she think that she can help the aspiring gymnast? Is there some chemistry with Ryan after all these years? And by getting back into the world of gymnastics, will she run into her old friend who somehow married her old coach?

The book had the requisite tension around the characters and their decisions. The only problem I had with the book is that I thought that Avery forgave one of the characters too easily. I think there should have been more thought before the forgiveness was granted.

This book is a pleasant book to read. I can imagine sitting out in the sun reading it. Partly probably because I am so cold right now that reading out in the sun sounds so great. Warmth! But seriously, I would add this to your summer reading pile. And before I forget… I was given a copy of this book for my unbiased review. The publication date for the book is June 23, 2020.

Thanks for reading!

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