On Ocean Boulevard by Mary Alice Monroe


Dear Fellow Reader,

As far as I am concerned, it is a good day when the new beach reads for the year start arriving. Of course, when the release date for this book was planned, it was WAY before anyone was thinking about a pandemic. I am sure this is not what they wanted. The author was going to stop in my area on her book tour but now that has been canceled.

It could be the best time for a new book by Mary Alice Monroe. I am sure that we are all ready for something new. With most of us sheltering in place, “new” is not exactly happening. It is hard to have conversations when no one is doing anything.

download (7)On Ocean Boulevard is the sixth in the Beach House Series. It has been two years since the last book in this series, Beach House Reunion. It is time to catch up with the Rutledge family and what they have been doing. While all the members are part of the story, this book centers mostly on Linnea and Cara. Linnea is back from California jobless and without her boyfriend. She is feeling that she has failed and has returned with nothing. She is trying to keep an upbeat attitude. She came home for turtle time and she joins right in and helps the Turtle Team. Through that, she meets some new people.

In the meantime, Cara is getting married to David. While she is happy to marry him, she has some qualms about the wedding. She isn’t one for making a big fuss and it seems that this wedding is more than she asked for.

When an unexpected serious illness affects the family, Cara needs to re-evaluate her situation.

So, there are all the elements that we love in the Beach House Series. There is love, friendship, loss, and family. Since it has been two years since the last book, it might take you a few minutes to remember all the characters and where we left off. But it didn’t take me long to remember. It is a great relief from thinking about a pandemic. The is book is exactly what is needed right now.

I know that fans of these stories will enjoy the new relationships and character growth that are part of this new book in the series. This book will be published on May 19, 2020. (TOMORROW!)

(And that ever-present note – I was given a copy of this book in return for a fair review.)

Thanks for reading!

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