The Last Book Party by Karen Dukess


Dear Fellow Reader,

I am trying to whittle down my TBR (to be read) pile. I had set a goal that I would finish the books that have accumulated by the end of the year. I am getting concerned that I will not quite make that goal. I keep reading other books. I do belong to three book groups (2 monthly and 1 meets every other month) so there is that reading plus I occasionally asked to review books.

And then there is the other problem. I read about books. And then I want to read them. When I do that, it means that there is a book from the TBR pile that is not being read. Oh well. I don’t think I am going to stop reading about books very soon so I will just have to find some balance.

The Last book partyI read about The Last Book Party by Karen Dukess on the website of my local bookseller. I read the description and was interested to read the book. Eve Rosen is 25, lives and works in New York City for a publishing company. She took that job thinking that it would help to fire up her writing, but it hasn’t. Through her work, she corresponds regularly with Henry Grey, a famed writer for the New Yorker magazine. While visiting her parent’s summer home, she is invited to Henry Grey’s home. Here she meets the people she feels she belongs with – the creative elite of Truro. She not only meets Henry Grey and his wife, the poetess, Tillie Sanderson but his son, the beautiful Franny. Franny pays attention to her and she feels she has a connection into the family.

When she returns to New York and work, her boss, Malcolm, introduces her to the author he feels will be The Next Big Thing. Malcolm has been raving about the book. She is surprised when she meets Jeremy Grand that he is close to her age and he tells her that he knows that she knows Franny. She is not particularly impressed with Jeremy and then he tells her that Franny is in Maine with his girlfriend. She decides after hearing about how terrific his book is that she needs to read it. Much to her surprise, she loves the book. Then her boss tells her that he is promoting one of her co-workers but not promoting her. She decides that it is time to move on. But where to go?

When she met Henry Grey, he had offered her the position of his assistant. She decides to accept the position and moves to her parent’s home so she can work at Henry Grey’s home.

The book begins in June of 1987 and covers the months of June through September of 1987 and then September of 1988. Eva finds in those four months of 1987 that she has a lot to learn about life and finding her vocation.

I liked the book. I read it quickly and was absorbed into Eva’s life and thoughts.

And just a note – If you want to read about books, I suggest that you join the email list for Boswell Books. They have several emails each week. On Sunday, they list their best sellers for the week. On other days, there may be an email about upcoming author visits (with a description of the author’s work) or book reviews.

Thanks for reading!

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