Night of Miracles by Elizabeth Berg

Dear Fellow Reader,

You know how I am supposed to tell you when I get a book given to me to review (as in I didn’t pay for the book or borrow it from the library)? Well, this is one of those books but bigger than that, this is a new Elizabeth Berg book.  In case you missed it in the past, I am a fan.  I like her books and I like her Facebook page.  (You should check it out and then follow it!) I truly think she and I could be friends. (Remember Honey Thacker  in the movie Notting Hill that tells Anna Scott (Julia Robert’s character) that they could be friends?)

I am going to see Ms. Berg in person this week. One of my friends thinks she would like to come just to watch me get kicked out when I tell Ms. Berg that we should be friends.  I am not going to tell her but I do think we would get along.

So, between the freebie thing and my “fangirlness”, you might not think this will be a fair review. Well, you are wrong.  Although I have liked most of Elizabeth Berg’s books there is one that I didn’t like. I’m saying that so you don’t think that I will ALWAYS give her books a good review.

Getting to the new book…

Night of Miracles is the continuation of the story started in The Story of Arthur Truluv.  (my review of that book can be found here –  In Night of Miracles, we are re-introduced to Lucille, Maddy, and Nola several years after the conclusion of The Story of Arthur Truluv.  Lucille is still living in the house that had belonged to Arthur Truluv. She is teaching baking classes but she is starting to feel her age. Maddy, who inherited the house from Arthur is away at school with her daughter, Nola. A new family has moved in next door; a young couple with a 10-year-old son.  When an unexpected crisis hits the family, Lucille helps by taking care of their son, Lincoln.  But there are other new characters that enter the world of Mason, Missouri.  Iris moves to Mason to start over and finds a friend in Tiny, the cab driver. When Iris decides she needs a part-time job, she applies to help Lucile with the marketing of her business. In the meantime, Tiny is in love and wants to ask Monica out on a date.  The two of them have problems connecting and it leads to some misunderstandings.

I think my favorite part of reading Elizabeth Berg is that, with her writing, you are quickly drawn into the characters and the story. She can develop characters that you understand and want to know more about. She puts you in the heart of the character and you live there during the story.  It is a wonderful talent and I appreciate her stories for that quality.

If you haven’t read The Story of Arthur Truluv yet, please read it and then you can move on to Night of Miracles.  I think you will enjoy the characters and their story.


Thanks for reading.


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