The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club by Duncan Whitehead

The look of amazement on my face while I read this book


Dear Fellow Readers!

Sorry, I have been out of touch.  It seems that having a knee replacement will put you a little behind.  It is coming along nicely but I am a bit hobbled right now.

I have had some reading time.  Not as good as vacation reading time but time to read.  The problem is that my attention span was affected so I will admit that my book choices were definitely lighter.

The first term I would use to describe this week’s book is “hot mess”.  I read The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club and almost hurt my neck from shaking it so much.  The things that went on were so incredible and bazaar that I wondered how they could all be in one book.

But, I was curious as to how it could possibly end.  That’s right, it got me sucked in enough, despite the outlandishness, that I wanted to know how it ended.  Fortunately, it is a quick read.  If I had found that I had a thousand pages to go, I might not have made it to the end.

The book takes place in the Gordonston neighborhood of Savannah, GA.  As the book opens, there is a hitman waiting in the neighborhood park to kill someone.  Then we are introduced to the people who live in the neighborhood. There are tensions brewing in the neighborhood thanks to several factors – two friends fighting over a just-deceased friend’s husband, a wife who had a fling and could get caught, and (are you ready for this?) Hitler’s niece vowing to get back at a person she considers her enemy.  Yea, you just read that right, Hitler figures into this book.  Once you get past the Hitler connection, you then have to get past that all these people know how to hire a hit man and that they have no problem doing it.

While I can applaud the imagination that it took to come up with this plot, I am stunned by the twists and turns.  And not stunned in the best way.  By the end of the book, there are not one, not two, not three, but FOUR hit contracts out on people in the neighborhood.  Yes, the question at the end of the book is who is actually going to be killed.  I did finish the book to find out who and it was a surprise.  A weird surprise but a surprise. I will also give the author that he tied up all the loose ends. Every character counts and has a purpose.

There are two other books in the series.  Am I going to read them?  I don’t think so but part of me is fascinated by the stuff thrown in this story to see if the author continues this way or if perhaps his writing changes. To soften the blow, if you want to check this book out for yourself, it is free if you have an Amazon Prime membership.  So at least you won’t lose money if you don’t like it.  Just time, precious time.

I think if you go into reading this book knowing that it is strange, you could enjoy the odd plot twists.  I wouldn’t completely discourage you but I think it depends what you want out of a story.  If you read a lot, then this book would offer you something fresh and different.

Thanks for reading.

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