The Financial Diet by Chelsea Fagan

Dear Fellow Reader,

Today’s book is a departure from my usual type of book.  The Financial Diet is subtitled A Total Beginner’s Guide to Getting Good with Money. This book was made available to me by the publisher, Henry Holt and Company.  ( In other words, it was a freebie for my unbiased review.)

This is not your typical financial guide.  Not anywhere near your typical financial guide.  And that makes it a tad bit better.  It is an interesting take on a finance book.  This is a book for a young woman – probably great for a fresh college grad or someone just starting out.  There are seven chapters – Budget, Investing, Career, Food, Home, Love, Action.  Yes, you read that right – Food and Home are in there.  There are even recipes included along with kitchen equipment that you should have to start a kitchen.  The chapter on love includes the following quote:


“There is nothing more cringeworthy than having a relationship be your financial plan.”

It is written in a light and breezy style.  My feeling is that the idea behind the book is to send you to join the website.  Despite that, it is worthwhile for someone just starting off.  It is very easy to read and understand.  The author provides lots of personal history and “what not to do” moments.  Also included in the book are sections from experts on finance and work.

So, if you are looking for a gift for a college grad or high school grad starting out, this might be a helpful gift for them.

Thanks for reading!



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