Nostalgia Wins – Go Cubs Go



I must admit it. I am not a huge baseball fan. I think when you go to a game it is fun. But I don’t watch games on TV.

I lived most of my life in Chicagoland. As you may know, there are two professional baseball teams in Chicago. (Although sometimes it was hard to believe…) When I was growing up, my Dad was a White Sox fan. (Interestingly, when he grew older and had some dementia issues, he was suddenly a Cubs fan. No judgement, just the facts.) Then I married a White Sox fan. We even had what were called semi-season tickets for a few years with friends. The White Sox were doing well during that time and it was fun to go to the games.

I have been to Cubs games and they were fun too. Not because the Cubs usually won, it was more the atmosphere.

I am drawn into the World Series and I really want the Cubs to win. I think part of it is nostalgia. I remember Steve Goodman and his songs. I remember that he died too young and feel glad that his Mom can watch Cubs games now and hear his song. I love the stories of cutting school to go and sit in the bleachers and waiting for wins.

Part of going to see a Cubs game is taking the “L” to the game with thousands of new friends. (or they should be since they are physically so close.) It is great to see all the fans at the corner of Clark and Addison. They are happy and it is good.

I hope that all the old Cubs players are enjoying the winning season. I love seeing Ryne Sandberg at the games. I wish there was a whole section for former players where they all sat together – Mark Grace, Ron Santo, Ernie Banks, Fergie Jenkins, Glenn Beckert, Billy Wiliams, Randy Hundley and Keith Moreland. How great to see them all there?  Of course, some would be there in spirit only but give them a seat so that they are remembered.



There was an article in the Chicago Tribune  by John Kass  about a Father and Son and the World Series. The story was about Bobby Lannon and his son. Bobby is Robert now but when he was just Carole and Phil’s little brother at St. Pets he was Bobby. The story is about making memories that will last a lifetime and the shared love of a game.

So perhaps what I am feeling is a lot of nostalgia for the city and the fans. Whatever it is, I hope that they win. In a city that has a few issues, there is nothing like a winning sports team and especially a winning sports team that has as its informal motto “next year”.

I’m thrilled there is a game 7 but sorry that it is in Cleveland. For the Chicago fans, I wish that they could watch the manual scoreboard change to show the Cubs having the winning score. I wish everyone could see the “W” flying over Wrigley.

So, I will cross my fingers and check the score occasionally tonight. No, I won’t watch the game – I might be a jinx.

Go Cubs Go….

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