Empty Nest by Marty Wingate

Dear Reader,

I have missed you!  Sorry for the long absence but I have been a bit under the weather.  Nothing really horrible but it has been endless to shake.  Along with not feeling well, I lost all concentration.  I wasn’t reading or writing.  I must have really been bad, huh?

I do have multiple books to share with you.  I will try and share them over the next few weeks.  The following book comes out today for the Amazon Kindle.  If you like to be one of the first to read, this is your chance.

Empty Nest: A Birds of a Feather Mystery by Marty Wingate

This is the second in the “Birds of a Feather Mystery” series by Marty Wingate.  The first book came out in July of this year.  The first book was entitled Rhyme of the Magpie. The stories feature Julia Lancaster.  Julia is the head of the Tourist Information Center in Smeaton-under-Lime in Suffolk.   I reviewed Rhyme of the Magpie and the other series by Marty Wingate last June.

In Empty Nest, Julia is temporarily living in the Hoggin Hall because her flat has to be cleared of toxic mold.  While living in the Hall, she is there when Lord Fotheringill’s son returns to the Hall.  He has not been to the Hall often since his parent’s divorce twenty years prior.  At the same time the new estate manager starts working for Lord Fotheringill.  Julia feels her position needs to be justified to both men along with making it clear that she is not going to be the next Lady Fotheringill.  When a friend of Lord Fotheringill’s son is found dead, Julia starts looking into the background of the estate manager and finds that nothing is quite what it seems.

Empty Nest is a cozy mystery.  It is the perfect read when you  in front of a fire with a blanket.  (That location only lives in my head.  On the couch works too!) There is intrigue and tension in finding the killer.  Julia finds that she has uncovered the mystery and almost ends up the next victim of the killer.

It is a fine light read.

Thanks for reading!


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2 Responses to Empty Nest by Marty Wingate

  1. Julia Tomiak says:

    The holidays are a great time for reading something light and entertaining! I’m glad you’re back and feeling better. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Glad you’re back! I’ve been adding to my reading list. Love to relax with books, especially on wintry days…

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