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discount books


Last week I wrote about sources for free books. This week I am looking at discount books. I am not talking about the discounts on books that you can get from buying from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, I am thinking of books for less than $5. One of the things I didn’t mention about the free books last week and this holds for both categories, is that if you are searching for a particular book, you may not be satisfied with the free book sites or the discount book sites. If you are a true bargain shopper and are patient, you will eventually find the book that you desire. I use these sites more to see what is available than look for a certain book.

There are several sources for discount books. There are in-person places and online places. First, let’s look at the in-person places.

In-Person Places
Book Sale - library or garage

Book Sale – library or garage

Public Library Book Sales – Most public libraries will accept donations and then hold sales to make money. I know that my local library has books for sale in the lobby all the time and they hold big sales also.

Second Hand Book Stores – It seems to me that there are more used book stores than there used to be. One of the big chain stores for this is Half Price Books. Most of these stores will also let you sell your old books. Don’t expect to get much money for your books.

Garage/Thrift Sales – Always lots of books to be found.


On-Line Book Stores 

Amazon There is a discount books section on the site. You can also sign up for emails about sales. These are generally not eBooks on sale. The emails will give you specials on eBooks but the discount book section on the web site seems to be for hardback or paperback books.

Barnes and Noble – They also have a discount section on their site. It also seems to be for Barnes_&_Noble_signhardback and paperback books. There is always a discount section in the stores also.

Booksamillion – This is an online and bricks and mortar bookseller. There are locations throughout the US. They have an online discount section and a discount section in the stores.

Alibris – Another online retailer that has a bargain section. They seem to aggregate other discount book sellers. On this site, you can put in the title of a book that you are looking for and see the various prices available. The books may be used so check to make sure you know what you are buying. You may also be paying more for shipping than the book.

Email Notices

There are a number of email subscriptions that you can sign up for and receive daily emails of sale books. These specials are usually one day specials so you need to pick them up when you see them. I think sometimes they may last longer than a day but not always. So it is a grab when you read the email.

Rebecca@Riffle – If you join Riffle you will receive a daily email with book specials.

BookBub – This is another site that sends out a daily email with different book specials. They only have eBooks.

eBook Soda – As with the others, you will receive an email with book specials  (“tailored to your taste”) daily.

love books

Book Recommendation Sites

There are a couple of sites that will send you recommendations based on your preferences.

Off The Shelf – This site was created by readers to give recommendations.

New in Books – A new site that again, based on your choices, sends you a monthly email with a list of the new books that may interest you.


I am throwing this in because it came across my desk yesterday. Penguin Random House is running a contest to win a 50 book library in the genres you love. The sweepstakes ends on September 30, 2015.

Also, if you “friend” or “follow” your favorite authors on Facebook, you may find that they occasionally run sweepstakes also.

Also, while I mentioned the website First to Read in my list of free books, I forgot to mention that you can also pick up free books from Goodreads, the book review site. Librarything, another book review site also has member giveaways. The notice comes in the monthly email to members.

Have fun bargain hunting!

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