Sand gripping beach mysteries

woman on bech reading

So caught up reading that she feels she is in the book.

Much like last week, I find that I am behind in telling you about a series of mysteries.  Unlike last week, these are not cozy mysteries.  Last year, I reviewed the second book in this series, The Red Hot Fix by T. E. Woods.  In that review, said that I would be interested in reading the next book in the series if there was one.

Sometimes the beach is too far and you just have to sit outside

Sometimes the beach is too far and you just have to sit outside

There are now four books in the series. The books feature Mort Grant, who is the chief of detectives in Seattle.  I have still not read the first book, The Fixer.  When I started with the second book, The Red Hot Fix, I could figure out what happened in the first book.  If you can, starting with the first book would be the best idea.  I do think that the books have improved with each subsequent book.

In the third book, The Unforgivable Fix, we find out more about Mort Grant’s daughter.  At the end of The Red Hot Fix, we learned that she was living with a drug kingpin.  Mort had tried to save his daughter but she was not interested in being saved.  In this book, she comes back to him because she is in a dangerous situation.  He knows that he needs to hide her so he turns to his friend “the Fixer”.  Taking advantage of his relationship with “the Fixer” could cost Mort what he thinks he really wants and could damage their relationship.

There is something about being absorbed in a book and the scenery all at the same time.

There is something about being absorbed in a book and the scenery all at the same time.

The fourth book in the series, Fixed in Blood, will be released on June 16.  In the continuing story, we find that Mort has not forgiven “the Fixer” for his loss.  But Mort has a killer to find. There is someone creating snuff films with young ladies and they are very careful to avoid detection.

At the same time, “the Fixer” who has been in retirement, feels compelled to investigate the disappearance of a client.  When she and Mort find they are on the same trail, they need to decide if their relationship can be mended. Widgets

I do think each book has been better than the last. There is merit to reading all of them in sequence has merit. First of all, you get to see the whole story which will help understand the characters. Then also, you will be able to like the series more and more with each book.

I hope your summer reading is going well. I am not sure if we have had more days to read out in the sun or under a blanket yet. But wherever you are, enjoy a book!

Thanks for reading!

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