Eureka! (and a Review)

I apparently follow the crowd.  This is not necessarily something that makes me proud.  But I have been thinking that I should have some sort of rating system for the books I review.  To honor those great rating systems like the


system employed in rating movies by Siskel and Ebert.

But what to use?

Then it hit me.  How do I know if I am really involved in reading a book?  What do I do if I am reading and know that I just can’t put it down.  Yep, I take the book to bed with me.

And what would be the symbol of taking the book to bed with me?

IMG_2483 (2) Yes, the mighty night light.  Slayer of dragons, the light under the covers, and the light on the path to the bathroom.

So there we go.  A book will be given a rating between one and four night lights.  A rating of four night lights will be hard to come by as it is the best.  I sincerely hope that even rarer will be the rating of one night light.

There is my new visual review tool.  The night light.

I did read a very nice book.  The title is Almost Perfect and it was written by Diane Daniels Manning.

Synopsis –

Benny Neusner is having a hard time growing up.  He spends a lot of time trying to get his Mother’s love and attention.  He lives with his father and his father’s new wife, Sonya.  He decides that what he really needs is a dog.  He wants a beagle.  He thinks that would be the perfect dog.  His father and Sonya think that he is too irresponsible for a dog.

Benny goes to the New Hope School that is run by Dr. Kate.  It is a school for children who have trouble attending regular public schools.  Benny has regular talks with Dr. Kate who is trying to get him to control his temper and vocalize his needs.

One day while he was waiting for his Mom to pick him up for a visit, he hears a crying sound and despite some trepidations, goes over the fence to investigate at his neighbor’s house.  He thinks she is a witch but his curiosity gets the best of him.  He finds a sign indicating that the house next door was a kennel .  But it was a kennel for poodles.  Poodles are silly dogs that certainly are not worth his attention.

Benny meets his neighbor, Bess Rutledge.  That day changed many things in Benny’s life.  Through meeting Bess, her son, and most of all, McCreery (Champion Umpawaug McCreery), he starts to grow up slowly.  He learns many lessons and teaches a few lessons to those around him.

Opinion –

I really enjoyed this book.  Benny’s hopes and dreams are simple and heartbreaking at times.  In his unfiltered way, he just wants to be happy and for those around him to be happy.  I thought that the characters were believable in their imperfections.

This book is classified as a YA (Young Adult) book.  At 342 pages it might be for older YA readers and adults.


 (And for the TADA moment)  (Please imagine a drum roll here)

IMG_2483 (2)IMG_2483 (2)IMG_2483 (2)




What do you think of my new system?  Let me know in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Night lights, cool idea-I give it a thumbs up!

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