Lists – Do you Automatically Read a Post if There is a List? What if it is a List of Books?


Bloggers are often told the people love lists. Blogs with titles like “Top 5 ways to clean your sink”, “Top 10 ways to dump your husband” or “Top 5 ways mystery writers kill characters” will bring readers flocking to the blog. Or so we are told.

I am not really sure this is absolutely true. Although, I would like to read the one about the mystery writers.    Sorry, I made that one up. Although I bet you can find the answer on google. 

Anyway, it seems we are all supposedly enamored with lists. I will admit that I am a sucker for a list of books. This morning I received an email from Amazon with a list of the new books for March. At the bottom of the page was a link to the “100 Books to Read in a Lifetime – a bucket list of books to create a well-read life, from the Amazon Book Editors”. There was also a link to the list of 100 books from the Goodreads voters.

(I assume that you are familiar with Goodreads. Goodreads ( is a book review site.  You sign up and can review books and list all the books you have read.)

books on shelves

Proving the blog pundits right, I had to see the list. I was happy with some of their choices and surprised by some. The books run across all genres; which is why Goodnight Moon and Kitchen Confidential can be on the same list. I thought that the list from the Amazon book editors was a much looser or more experimental list of books. The Goodreads list did not hold a lot of surprises and tended to be more conservative.  For example, the Amazon list included one of my all-time favorites, Valley of the Dolls. Now, while I really liked the book, I would not expect it to be on a top 100 list.  (I have not read it in many years and I wonder how it has stood up to the test of time.) 

I know, you want to see for yourself.  I don’t blame you.  Here is the link to the Amazon book editors list and here is the link to the Goodreads list.

Let me know what you think. I am not sure which list should be worked through first. What do you think?

Thanks for reading.

About Carol Early Cooney

I love to read. I love to share my thoughts on books and hope to hear what you think also. Looking to see what books I read beyond those I write about? Check out my Goodreads!
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3 Responses to Lists – Do you Automatically Read a Post if There is a List? What if it is a List of Books?

  1. The list had me at Goodbye Moon. Reminds me of reading this book to sleepy children and ending with hugs and kisses. Now, Valley of the Dolls, yes, I’d say that was groundbreaking for that era.

    I’m not into lists, but occasionally I make my own. Years ago, I pledged-to myself, that I’d read all the Pulitzer Prize winners from 1998-2008. Now that has been an education, lol

  2. That is ambitious. I am not sure that I would want to read those books. The list of Pulitzer Prize winners does not always align with my interests. Probably a great reason why I should read them! By the way, thanks again for the tip on net galley. I am now swamped in books but am really enjoying the ones I have read.

  3. I’m a sucker for lists. I like having things in a condensed format to read through. However, with books, I tend to favor personal recommendations.

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