Sewing – Light, Bright, with Plumbing


One of my favorite wall hangings. Happy Fall.

 I am very happy. With the recent population shifts in our house, there is now room for me to have a sewing room upstairs. 

My sewing area (referred to as “the sewing explosion” by my ever loving family) had been in the basement for a long time.

My basement is a basement. It is not a finished rec room or even very finished. It has cement floors and unfinished ceilings. It is where things go to be hidden away.  There is not a bathroom in the basement. You know how that works – the minute you can’t go is when you have to go!

It might be said that it is a bit dungeon-like.

So, now I am up on the light, bright, bathroom across the hall, second floor. It is so nice to be there. 

Just as a qualifier, I am not a very good seamstress. In quilting, the seams are supposed to be ¼ inch. Mine are close. If you are happy with “close” then you will never be a good quilter.


  This hangs out on the enclosed back porch – a summer place                                   

If you do crafts or creative things, you may be familiar with the term WIP. It stands for “Work in Progress”. I think that every crafter, writer, and artist must suffer from an abundance of WIPs. It appears that I have 3 WIPS in my sewing room. (Which is better than the 5 WIPs I found in my knitting bag.)

There is one WIP that is fairly recent. It is a quilt to replace a quilt that has been in my living room for years. The current living room quilt is falling apart. The WIP is coming together. I need to just make one more decision about it and then finish it off. (Sounds like nothing, right? That means that I have to put in the batting and find a back for it, sew it together, and then do some hand stitching on it. We are talking hours of work here. Yea, nothing to it…)

The second WIP could be my favorite but it may also end up being one of the ugliest quilts ever made. I had this idea (this is where my family starts groaning) and started to work on it. Somewhere along the line, it dawned on me that it could be just awful. It will be warm and cozy but it might be really ugly. The seeds of doubt grew enough that I stopped working on it. Now that I am in my new location, I have decided to give it a chance. We’ll see how it turns out.

The third WIP is very pretty and I have no idea what I was intending to do with it. I think that I started working on it and decided that I was not going to have enough fabric. I don’t know why. It looks fine but if all else fails; it will be a pretty wall hanging.


Ta Da! My already messy (maybe to you but not to me) sewing room

I know that I got frustrated with quilting. My frustration came from having a large amount of fabric (called a “stash” by quilters) but NEVER having the right piece on hand when I wanted to do something. How could that be possible? It happened all the time. I would decide that I was not going to buy any fabric and then I couldn’t finish a project without buying something. This frustration dampened my enthusiasm. (It didn’t help to be in a dark, dirty, bathroom less basement either.)

But now in my new surroundings I am ready to start again. I am hoping that I can use a lot of the fabrics I have accumulated. If that WIP isn’t as ugly as I think it might be, the chances will increase. 

Do you have WIPs? More or less than I have? What are yours? Let me know either in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter (@carolearlycoone)

 Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to Sewing – Light, Bright, with Plumbing

  1. That’s so funny Carol, I was just reviewing my WIP quilt with a view to finishing it somehow. I was just in my sewing explosion corner of my loft hemming the red velvet curtains which have been unhemmed since I moved in here 2 yrs ago. In the end it was the job of 10 minutes with the serger. What am I like? 🙂

    • What you didn’t see in the picture of the sewing room are the curtains from my living room that have been sitting there waiting to be ironed for a month (at least). I will get it done – someday! Thanks for stopping by, Veronica!

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