Hot Mess – Part Two


Snookie’s mug shot. I don’t think the evening went well

So, yesterday I wrote about “hot mess” in relationship to the military and food. Today, I will talk about the “hot mess” we all are probably more familiar with – the person who is a “hot mess”. 

(Please note: for the sake of friendship and family, I will not be using any personal photographs or examples in this post.)

There seem to be two schools of thought about being a “hot mess”. One version of a hot mess is a person who retains their appeal despite looking disheveled in appearance. As in – she woke up looking like a hot mess. (Don’t worry good friend, I won’t tell everyone that your hair looks like this in the morning)

You could be a hot mess  if your hair looks like this when you wake up in the morning.


The one and only Don KIng. While others would fix their hair, he made it a trademark

The other use seems to describe someone who just does not have it together.  Bridget Jones of Bridget Jones Diary might be an example of a “hot mess”. 


Bridget Jones

In my research (HA!) I did find a on line comic strip named Hot Mess. You can check it out at Hot Mess Comic. 

Also since we all love lists, I also found a list of 25 indications that you are a hot mess. (25 Hot List)

So there we are.  Hot mess as food and as a personal trait or state of being.

I wonder what it is called when you are beyond being a hot mess?  No, don’t tell me.

Thanks for reading

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  1. Hilarious!!! You are doing great with this hot topic! xox

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