Hot Dogs – Breakfast of Champions (or not…)

(This post is part of a series in the month of August following the BlogHer challenge to write each day with the prompt of “hot”)


Bill’s Drive In

We here in Chicago are serious about our hot dogs. We don’t mess around. There are the best hot dogs to eat (Vienna Beef) and the best place to get them (the ballpark, duh) and the condiments that are and are not allowed. (There is a hot dog stand that will kick you out if you order ketchup on your dog. No kidding, it is serious around here.)  You can even find videos to instruct you on how to build a Chicago Hot dog. ( The Paupered Chef Builds a Chicago Dog) There is something about the green relish, the peppers, and the celery salt that make it Chicago’s own. And the snap when you bite down – there should be snap to the dog when you first bite into it. 

Of course, as with anything else, the simple hot dog has evolved. While some may call them sausages, we prefer to refer to them as tubulars. Yes, that is tubular meats. The simple hot dog repertoire has been expanded to include polish sausage, bratwurst and other meat in a tubular form. Yes, you can find Elk, Crocodile, and even Foie Gras in tubular form. There is even a place known for their exotic hot dogs. Meet Hot Doug’s on Anthony Bourdain’s show No Reservations.

Hot Doug, Doug Sohn, even has a book. It is currently ranked #22 on Amazon’s Travel Dining Reference section.

Our newest hot dog offering? The Ditka dog. Yes, Da Coach (is there another?) has teamed with Vienna Beef to offer the 8 inch long 1/3 lb. dog. It comes in two flavors, Hot Beef and Chicken with Mozzarella and Sun Dried Tomatoes. Da Coach has a Chicken with Mozzarella and Sun Dried Tomatoes dog? Well, a heart attack or two will do that to even him. (Ditka Launch )  

When I was thinking about writing about hot dogs, I contemplated the hot dog stands around where I live. I counted 5 within a 6 mile radius. And that is places that are specifically about hot dogs. There are other places like restaurants and 7-11’s that serve hot dogs also. We will never want for a hot dog.

Good thing I wrote this on Friday, huh? Now you can make sure your Saturday or Sunday includes grilling some tubulars. Don’t forget the neon green relish!

Thanks for reading!


Mustard’s Last Stand

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5 Responses to Hot Dogs – Breakfast of Champions (or not…)

  1. Mustard’s Last Stand looks amazingly like Flip’s!
    Then again, respectable hot dog stand doesn’t have a red & yellow Vienna Beef umbrella –or three– next to it? Geesh. Just a glimpse of those stupid umbrellas makes my mouth water. I’m a hot dog dork.

    • I am too. Must by why I never realized that there were so many places around here. I didn’t get a picture of “Hot Dog Island” but I did get a pic of Weiner and Still Champion just ran out of space. There was always Flukys. They even sold gum that looked like mini hot dogs. No, it tasted like gum.

  2. Ooops. …*what respectable hot dog stand…

    Got so carried away with thoughts of the neon green relish I didn’t take time to edit my comment. I *am* a dork!

  3. boltoncarley says:

    lol! you’re doing great on the “hot” theme! we love hot dogs in this house. true story – there’s something called footlong friday in our house that involves heading to the dairy queen where they know our order. 🙂

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