July 4th, Parade, and Pet Peeve





I took this picture at 1 p.m. on July 1.  It looks like a regular commercial street right?  Are you wondering about the chairs lined up on the sidewalk?



And here is a shot from down the block.  More chairs.  Any idea what this could be?

This is one of my pet peeves.  These chairs are on the parade route for my town’s 4th of July parade.  Yes, today is July 1 and people have chairs marking their spot for the parade.  Please note that BY LEGISLATION the chairs were only allowed to be put up at midnight on July 1.  Yes, they had to make a law about when the chairs for the 4th of July parade could be placed along the route. People had started putting out chairs during June! I think July 1 is too far out.  How about putting out the chairs on July 4th and then sitting in them? 

I find this entire concept to be offensive.  I am glad that many people want to go to the parade.  I understand that it is a wonderful parade.  But since when do you grab a spot for the parade 3 days in advance?  While being offended by the practice, I am also amazed that the chairs aren’t stolen.  Your snow shovel can get stolen off your porch but the lawn chair that you put out on a public sidewalk (3 days early) for the parade doesn’t get touched?  


Does this happen in your town?  What do you think of this practice?


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1 Response to July 4th, Parade, and Pet Peeve

  1. Letitia Suk says:

    I do love this parade and we attend every year but NEVER put chairs out! We also just slip into a corner area and see just fine.

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