As the Days Go By

This is how I imagine that the infamous Earworm. Yuck!

Okay, you know how you get a song stuck in your head?  Usually it is because you hear it and there is something there that catches you.

I don’t think that I have heard the song that is stuck in my head lately.  But boy, is it stuck.  All I can think of is the line “same as it ever was, same as it ever was”.  For those of you lost at this moment, it is a song by the Talking Heads.  They were led by David Byrne, who many would call a genius.

I went looking for this song.  It took me forever because despite what I would have thought, the title was not “Same as it ever was”.  The title is really “Once In a Lifetime.”

So, when I got the title, I was able to find the video for the song.  And in a gesture of generosity  I am going to share it with you to see if you can get it stuck in your head.


I actually thought the video was pretty funny.

So now I know that having a tune stuck in your head is called an earworm.  That seems about right.  Wasn’t there a tale about how an earwig could get into your ear and then go right to your brain?  Then the earworm goes in and just wriggles through there until you can get it out.

While I am not a fan of believing everything on Wikipedia,  it seems that the best explaination can be found there.  You can check it out at

What songs do you get stuck in your head?  I know that for many  “It’s a Small World” will become an abhorrent earworm.  What song become your earworm? Or do you try very hard to block it out so it won’t happen again?  I know in our house that the song “Black Betty by Ram Jam will also become stuck.  Don’t know the song?  Here you go:

(Oh, it is so awful…)

Come on, let’s compile the top 10 Earworm songs.  Please leave your earworm song(s) in the comment section or send it to me on Twitter at #carolearlycoone.

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3 Responses to As the Days Go By

  1. Colleen says:

    Anything I hear in the morning – usually gets stuck. I try not to listen to any songs in the morning. I didn’t know afternoons were an issue until just now as – I’m singing Small World in my head now.
    Darn you!

  2. Mine has been “Killing Me Softly with His Song” for about a month now. My husband played multiple versions of it one night (I like Roberta Flack’s rendition), and now it’s stuck in my head.

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