A shuttered store…

I was out yesterday and drove past a closed bakery.  I started thinking about how sad I am when a bakery closes.  Not for the obvious reason the I love bakeries and the goods they provide but because it means that someone’s dreams have come to an end.

You could argue with me that the closing of any store indicates that dreams have been dashed and you are right.

But I would argue that closing a bakery or an independent book store are sadder.

In my mind, the person who opens a bakery is full of optimism and creativity.  They are going to share their gift of baking with the world.  They are creative and are able to make beautiful things.  They provide the tasty treat for the birthday party, the secret nibble to get you through, and the cookies for the book club.

They are the generator of tasty beautiful treats for your various events.

And they have had to give up. Someone’s dream of selling their specialty has died.  I feel bad for them.  The empty store front, the lost jobs, the sad empty windows…

I feel bad for closed independent book stores also.  I am sure that the independent bookseller and I have things in common.  We both love books.  We love places that have books, where you can talk about books, and even smell books.

There is less hope these days for the independent bookseller than the baker.  People will always love baked goods and the bakery is not as threatened by on line competition.  Books are so accessible on line or on an e reader that actually going to an independent that doesn’t have the advantage of selling millions of books to cut the prices is, I fear, a joy of days gone by.  But in the current economy, any small store is threatened.

So for both the baker and the bookseller, I feel sad but I also feel bad for all of us. We will now miss the love and talents that are lost to the closing.

Sadly, these days are numbered…

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12 Responses to Closed…

  1. elissa field says:

    So true, Carol! In college, I worked for a woman who had run an independent, sole proprietor and fabulous gourmet cooking supply store. She had been a banker, but followed her dreams and opened the store after going through a divorce. I loved working with her and especially loved the personal quality of a small business — we literally had “promise” accounts, where known customers signed a chit and paid once a month. From that experience, I always thought someday I’d have a store like that and never guessed the world of the small shop was coming to an end. You describe the sadness of it so well. It’s loss of a dream and a former lifestyle for so many. Thanks for a great post!

  2. jrwoodward says:

    I look at my granddaughter, 17 months, and I’m sad that so much of the world I’ve known will not be there for her. I worry that we just get blander, more corporate and more sedentary. By the time she reads, I don’t think there will be anything but chain bookstores where she lives. The bakeries are disappearing, too.
    OK, tomorrow my wife and I are off to the new Italian bakery on Parkway for brekkie. We’ll do our bit.

    • At least most libraries have children’s sections. I do think it is sad that there won’t be book stores or even children’s book stores. Hope the bakery was good! We all must make sacrifices….(although I don’t think going to the bakery is a sacrifice – not exactly like “taking one for the team…”

  3. Thanks, Elissa for reading and commenting. I always thought I would own a store also – the appeal of having all those items and picking them out for sale….

  4. Sopphey says:

    You’ve written my exact feelings about independent, small stores that have to close down. No matter what people say, this economy is not good for the small business owner. It’s not that good for startups either. So much sadness.

  5. That makes me sad too. I try to support smaller businesses as much as possible. I seen some favorite coffee shops come and go. One had an excellent them and such a wonderful relaxing atmosphere but it just didn’t make it. If I was rich, I would have handed over the money to keep it going. I loved that place.

  6. This is sad but true. I try to support bookstores as much as possible. I too have fallen victim of the connivence of the e-readers.

  7. So true on both counts. 😦 [#TALU]

  8. Katia says:

    I was thinking recently about that whole debate on whether the days of books, in general, are numbered. The thought scared me. Looking at the books I love on a shelf is sort of like looking at a self portrait or your journal. It brings back not only favourite moments in the book but it’s also intertwined with moments in your life. Your post captures that idea with some beautiful photos!

  9. It is truly sad that mom and pop type stores don’t seem to stand a chance nowadays against larger corporations, as well as our economy and am truly with you on this one Carol. #TALU

  10. I worked for an indepentant book store that closed 2 years ago.

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