Recycling an old friend

I am feeling a bit “blue” today.  Not depressed, not sad, just sort of regretful.

How serious can this be?  After all the source of my funk is sweatpants.

I knew that my favorite sweatpants were getting a bit tattered.  I noticed a little while ago that there are several large holes in the seat.  I will tell you that I am tempted to grab some duct tape and “mend” them.

(Okay, I saw that some woman on “What Not To Wear” had done that to her pants.  Yea, it was disgusting when she did it but it planted the seed…)

We are not talking fancy “wear to the gym to show off ” sweatpants.  We are talking Walmart Fruit of the Loom sweatpants that probably cost $10.  They are just old enough that the new ones in the store aren’t quite as good.

These sweat pants are a bit big but they are thick and with the exception of the holes, warm.  I have resisted but I know that I must recycle them.  They will no longer be my “go to” home wear.

So I am preparing myself to let go.  To try and find a replacement.  After all, there are several other pairs in the drawer.  None of them are as old and comfortable as this pair but to everything there is a season.

Do you have a comfy old pair of jeans?

Do you get attached to an article of clothing?  Do you have an old “friend” that you bring out when you need some comfort? Share your item of comfy clothing  with me in the comment section below.


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27 Responses to Recycling an old friend

  1. How funny! (But sad.) Yes, I do get attached to my clothes. I have an old jacket that was perfect in every way – the right length, comfortable, fashionable. It has started to fade and for a while, I searched everywhere for a perfect replacement, but never found one. The fading one still sits in my closet, waiting for me to … let go.

  2. hcfbutton says:

    A fashionista friend of mine once said when she helped me purge my clothes before I moved cross country “yes, but do they love you back?” Some items I loved to wear just weren’t flattering any more. But it’s so easy to love something that lets you be you in them.

  3. Yeah, I have a pair of black workout pants that are just perfect. They are comfortable, fit perfectly and have pockets. Unfortunately, I spilled dishwasher liquid all down one leg. It has the same effect as chlorine bleach. They now have pink (???) and white splotches on that side. I still haven’t given them up though, I just don’t wear them out in public.

  4. I get really attached to jeans. I had one comfortable old pair that I tried to salvage by putting on a cute-looking patch. The hole was around the knee area, though, and the patch made it hard to bend my leg. Also, the bright color made people look even more at my frayed jeans.

  5. You are in mourning for a comfortable, old friend. Completely understandable. So much in life isn’t comfortable. Why not try and hold onto what is?

  6. I have a big comfy robe that I love, but it has a growing hole under one of the arms. Thank goodness robes can’t be worn outside. Well, I guess they could, but we all have lines we won’t cross. 🙂

    • You are right – robes are one of those other articles of clothing that we all probably keep too long. It is, fortunately, harder to wear those outside. When the time comes, you can go find a new soft fluffy new one but until then, enjoy your old friend.

  7. Ut oh, I think I’m feeling some anxiety. I cleaned out closet in December, talking to myself all the while. I said to myself, “Don’t even thinking about wearing those for another summer.” My brown Clarks sandals are now gone. If I had read this post and they were outside in the dumpster I think I’d go fishing for them. What am I going to do? There’s not new shoe in the world that can take the place of the comfort of those. And they didn’t look all THAT bad, as long as my feet looked nice. At least that’s what I am telling myself.

  8. Nancy W says:

    Great post, funny how we get so attached to clothes! the clothes I love I wear them but longer than I should just cause I don’t want to throw them away! TALU

  9. Yeah, I’ve got a pair of those jeans. When they were too embarrassing to wear around on a regular basis, I turned them into my painting pants. Then promptly decided all the trim in the house needed a touch-up! (Stopping by from TALU)

  10. My closet looked like a thrift store until I asked my fashionista friend to come over and help me clear out items that no longer fit, were out of style, or were just plain unflattering. I miss some of my slouchy clothes, but at least I know what I’m putting on will look good. Sometimes it takes an external clothing conscience to keep us from sartorial sin. I’m afraid she created a clothes monster in the process–just ask my husband. TALU

  11. Louise Fitzpatrick says:

    Whenever I throw out old favourites I usually do it in 2 stages. The first throw away is by the bedroom door. After a few days, if I haven’t rescued them, then it’s time for them to go. Always regretfully .. TALU

  12. For me it’s not an article of clothing but a blanket – not a baby blanket kind of thing, but a huge fuzzy fleece blanket that is light as a feather but warm as could be. I just LOVE to cuddle up in that thing!! I have others, but they’re not quite the same.

  13. Gerry Wilson says:

    Well, I didn’t know we had Walmart Fruit of the Loom sweats in common! My old ones got so bad that my husband insisted last fall that I go to Walmart and buy more (they were on sale, so less than $10 apiece). They just aren’t the same, though. Yes, I get attached to clothes. I have a full closet to prove it! I need an “external clothing conscience,” as Jeannine says, to come in and straighten me and my closet out. Loved this post. TALU

  14. Anne Kimball says:

    Mine is a red Old Navy sweatshirt with hols in the sleeves. All stretched out and so stained and worn you can hardly tell the original color. But I loves it, I do.
    Thanls for linking up with the TALU!

  15. DMcCormick says:

    yes. I have a black pair of yoga pants that make me feel so happy and secure. They are the kind that fit just right. I have been known to do a special load of laundry just to be able to wear those pants, AROUND THE HOUSE! lol

  16. Neighbz says:

    I still have pairs of undies that I bought in 2003. They have holes around the elastic, faded prints of daggers and came in a 5 pack from Target for $10. They live at the back of my drawer and get worn on laundry day. I can’t part with them because the day I bought them I was on the phone with my friend having a great conversation and they always remind me of that day. I don’t even think they’re comfy anymore..

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