The Becket List: A Blackberry Farm Story by Adele Griffin


Dear Fellow Reader,

Today is publication day for The Becket List by Adele Griffin.  This is a Young Readers book that I received in exchange for my review.  This is not the age level of book that you might to expect to find here but you might have a young reader in your life who is looking for a book.

Becket Branch and her family are making a big move.  They are moving from the city to a farm out in the country.  Becket is embracing country life with both hands.  She is a very enthusiastic little girl who is sure that she will fit right in.  She finds it is harder than she thought but she learns to make some adjustments.  She makes mistakes but learns from them. Whether it is taking care of animals or making new friends, Beckett jumps in with both feet.  She learns things about living in the country and how to make friends.

It is a nice story for a young reader.  The book is rated for ages 7 – 11.  I found that it is important to get a book for a young reader that they can relate to. I think that with this story, they will find many things that they will recognize.

Thanks for reading!